• After buying a new cutting machine for our business, we purchased coverage from When the goods arrived there was some minor damage. Upon submitting our claim details, we obtained approval and payment within the same week. I was absolutely amazed.
    John Smith
    CTO of KLM
  • I needed cargo insurance to cover my move from Western NY to London. After some internet searches I found It took me about 10 minutes to get a quote and buy my certificate of insurance. I must say, WOW!
    Jacob W.
  • Lloyd's
  • TT Club - Underwriting Partner
  • AIG
  • Navigators - Insuring a world in Motion
  • Navigators - Insuring a world in Motion
  • AIG
  • Lloyd's
  • TT Club - Underwriting Partner

the US Dollar value of cargo insured in 2016,
more than the entire GDP of a small country!

We provided cargo insurance for freight to 142 different countries in 2016

the number of policies we issued in 2016,
that is about 50 per day, 365 days per year!

We measure our success by the quality of our services.
  • Our historic percentage of claims approved98%
  • Percentage of claims settled within 30 days100%
  • Percentage of certificates issued by US-based customers72%
  • Percentage of certificates issued by foreign-based customers28%

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With us, everything is up front, straight forward and online! We are your best choice for moving insurance.

The world’s leading insurers have partnered with us to provide you with instant moving insurance. Visit our online portal to buy your insurance instantly using its tools to select your coverage and insurer. Fast, intuitive and friendly, your experience of an online cargo insurance purchase will be unforgettable.

When purchasing a cargo insurance certificate online from us, you don't need to worry if your claim will be satisfied. We are reliable, and keep up to our promises, standing by our coverage 100%. Our coverage terms were drafted by maritime lawyers and transportation industry experts, who are well versed in the nuances of cargo insurance and the transportation industry, and are backed by world leading insurers. We are proud to claim that we are the most trusted online cargo insurance broker for you to depend on when purchasing insurance for your individual shipment. In the past 5 years, our underwriters have approved 98% of claims, a statistic which we are proud to share.

In the event of a loss, using our online claim portal is fast and easy to upload documents, photos, and other evidence - helping us process your application quickly. Every shipment we insure comes with a 10-day and 30-day claim guarantee, the fastest in the business. With us, you get quality service at reasonable prices. Using an online cargo insurance service like will make your cargo insurance buying experience quick and smooth. All your worries about any monetary losses from transportation mishaps can be put to rest in a jiffy – by purchasing your cargo insurance on our easy-to-use, customer-friendly portal. There are many advantages to utilizing our portal to purchase cargo insurance online. For one, you can access it 24/7 at Secondly, our portal is extremely informative, the process for signing up is easy, and the payment options are so much simpler than conventional methods. Most importantly, when you require customer service, it is available online instantly.

Look no further for your insurance needs, when speed and service are just a few clicks away.

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