5 Reasons to Get Moving Insurance

moving insurance

5 Reasons to Get Moving Insurance

You’re moving. You’re making final payments; you’re packing up boxes; you’re completing your job transfer; you’re securing the final details with the moving company. “What am I forgetting?” you ask yourself. Moving Insurance. I guarantee you are forgetting moving insurance.

No, it cannot be overlooked. Think about it—when have you ever experienced an accident that you were ready for? Accidents occur when you’re not covered for them.

If you are planning a move, and have yet to inquire about moving insurance, we are here to help you. Here are five reasons to get moving insurance.

1. Did you know that the most an individual without moving insurance can be reimbursed in the case of loss or damage, is 60 cents per pound? In nearly all cases, individuals never receive a reimbursement rate that reflects the value of their belonging. Think about your valuables—can you risk losing them completely? Can you afford replacing them?

2. Ship and relax.

Moving can be stressful, but as the saying goes, “Accept what you can’t control, and control what you can’t accept.” You can’t control how your belongings are handled by shipping companies, but you can protect yourself against any mishandling of your belongings. Lost, damaged, or broke, moving insurance will cover it. With moving insurance, ship your valuables and relax knowing that if worst comes to worst, we’ve got it handled.

3. Long Distance Moves

Long-distance is hard. Especially when you’re moving. Believe it or not, moving companies base their moving procedures not on what you are moving, but on where you are going. Long-distance moves are likely to go through a series of stops and truck transfers, which puts your belongings even more at risk for getting lost or damaged. Think about it this way: when you are flying to Japan and you have 3 layovers, three different airlines are handling your luggage. That’s triple the amount of risk you have of losing your belongings. When flying to Japan—you get the travel insurance. When moving across the country—you get the moving insurance.

4. No coverage from Renters or Homeowners’ Insurance

Before looking into outsourcing moving insurance, check with your existing renters or homeowners’ insurance policy to see if moving coverage is provided. You may find that it does—perfect.  If your existing homeowners’ insurance does not already offer moving insurance, and cannot add additional coverage to move, call us.

5. Corporate Relocation

Perhaps your company is relocating you. You may be under the impression that your company would stand responsible and pay for any potential lost, damaged, or broken valuables. Think again. Very rarely do employers sign and agree to this type of liability with the moving company. In most cases and unless otherwise stated by your company, your employer and the moving company will sign an agreement to cover to bare minimum. Confirm this with your employer.

Now that we have resolved the uncertainty behind moving insurance and recognize it as a necessity to your moving plans, it is just as important to find the right insurance for you. Be sure to shop around and find a policy that matches your specific needs. Undoubtedly, insurance is an investment of your money, so you want to be sure you are getting what you need out of it. Your belongings in transit should be the least of your worries. Moving is stress free with moving insurance.