Claims Handling

Clearly explaining how claims are handled is a core value for us.

World Class Claims Handling is the most innovative cargo insurance platform in existence. Our online claims portal allows you to file a claim, check status, and upload your documents with ease. You can even communicate with your adjuster and have access to your claim file 24/7. If you need to file a claim, please click on the claims button and "file a claim" above. If you want to check the status of your claim, please click on the claims button and select "Claims Processing & Status Login".

If you are evaluating our services, please read the below sections so that you familiarize yourself with our claims procedures, typical outcomes, and other useful information. Our goal is to provide you with the most user friendly and helpful information so that the claim process flows quickly and smoothly.

After buying a new cutting machine for our business, we purchased coverage from When the goods arrived there was some minor damage. Upon submitting our claim details, we obtained approval and payment within the same week. I was absolutely amazed.

John Smith


I needed cargo insurance to cover my move from Western NY to London. After some internet searches I found It took me about 10 minutes to get a quote and buy my certificate of insurance. I must say, WOW!

Jacob W.


Standard Rules Applicable to All Claims:

The below tables provide guidance on how claims will be settled based on percentage of damage and commodity. Percentage of damage to items is determined by claims adjusters on the below scales. While no claim is black and white these guidelines help determine the typical payouts for losses which we encounter frequently. Losses above $5,000 must have a surveyor appointed to evaluate the damages. If the percentage determined by the claims adjusters is disputed then an independent repair estimate may be obtained by the assured at their sole cost and expense.

Important universal rules in the event of a claim:

  • You must prove that any loss or damage occurred during the insured transit;
  • You must declare the full value of your goods, underinsurance is penalized by the percent not insured when claims are paid out (for example, if you insure 90% of the goods we pay 90% of the claim).
  • You have a duty to minimize losses in a reasonable fashion
  • We have the obligation to treat you fairly and to investigate claims without prejudice.
  • We have the option to replace or repair lost or damaged goods, or to make a cash settlement.

  • Ripping/Tearing/Staining of Fabric10%
  • Surface Scratches10%
  • Broken Legs (Furniture & Similar)25%
  • broken handles/latches5%
  • broken drawer10%
  • Damage to Edges/Corners (Tables or similar)15%
  • Damage to Plugs/Switches (Lamps or similar)15%
  • Cracked/Broken Screen/Monitor90%
  • Carpet stain (water or other)10%

Percentage of Loss

The graphs to your right illustrate a claim payout on an all risks coverage based upon the percentage of loss. The Claim payout is typically an equal percentage to the damage based upon Declared Value or ACV (if declared value does not correspond to ACV we reserve the right to evaluate actual value).

Pay <10%

Damage = < 10%

Pay 25%

Damage = +/- 25%

Want to learn more?

Feel free to download our claims guidance publication so that you can be comfortable and confident in your coverage. If you have further questions, feel free to email us today.