Freight Insurance

Whether you ship your freight by land, air or sea, Cargocert can help you obtain comprehensive cargo insurance coverage, protecting the value of your assets. Purchasing freight insurance is essential as transit can expose your cargo to damages or losses arising from storage, handling or transport, affecting your company’s reputation and profitability.

Companies who engage in international trade, in particular, must insure their freight. Exporters who haven’t paid for goods before shipping them or importers who have made only a partial or full payment for goods before receiving them may face a financial loss if their freight is lost or damaged during transit. So log on to our online portal to purchase freight insurance coverage immediately. Even if it is a last minute shipment. If you have already shipped your items, we cover shipments already in transit too.

When you insure with us, you choose your insurer and coverage – protecting your assets the way you want it. We are online, open 24 hours through the day and night. We empower you to purchase your coverage online instantly, your certificate of insurance is downloaded in minutes. Making it all smooth and easy for you, as we understand that freight insurance is vital for your success.

Our portal is informative, the process for signing up is easy, and the methods of payment are so much simpler than conventional methods. If you require customer assistance, online help is right there. In the unfortunate event that you do have a claim, our experienced staff will work hand in hand with the Insurance Company to process your claim quickly and without hassle.