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Our Licenses

Cargocert.com is a division of Online Underwriters, LLC. Online Underwriters, LLC is a licensed insurance broker in multiple US states including NJ where our main office is located.

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance License number is #1636041 and national producer number #18325571. Our main office is located in Mahwah, New Jersey which is located about half an hour from downtown New York City.


The main "House" Policy of insurance under which you purchase a certificate with Cargocert.com is a policy issued to Online Underwriters, LLC at our New Jersey Location. For legal purposes the policy location and jurisdiction is New Jersey and thus falls under our local license at our main office.

Each certificate issued is NOT a policy of insurance, rather it is a single shipment insurance under which the owner of the goods becomes a loss payee and thus the party able to make a claim. However, we do not issue a local policy to you in any other location besides New Jersey. As a user of our site you agree that the purchase is being made in New Jersey remotely and online.

Marine Cargo Insurance falls into an exempt category of insurance in most states and countries around the world. This type of insurance is by its nature international and thus most places permit purchasing insurance in another country.

When you purchase a certificate from any other jurisidction it is your responsibility to verify that you are legally permitted to purchase our insurance from your particular jurisidction. We do not make any warranties, implied or otherwise as to whether you are specifically allowed to purchase a certificate as we operate under the regulations of New Jersey, USA for the purposes of Cargocert.com activities and no other jurisdiction or regulatory body.

Privacy Policy

What Information do we collect?

1. We collect information when you fill out the quoting or buying functions of our site.

2. You May visit our site anonymously but you may not purchase insurance or obtain a quote anonymously.

3. We collect email addresses, names, addresses, and shipment details in order to process insurance certificates. Credit Card processing is done via a third party payment gateway and we DO NOT keep credit card information on file in our systems in any way.

How do we protect your information?

We use a variety of methods to protect your privacy, including encryption, user control, employee screening and other methods. In particular we do not save your information for any other purpose than for processing insurance certificates, payments and claims.

What do we use your information for?

We use your information for the processing of insurance, claims, and payments for Cargocert.com. We do not sell or use your information for any other purposes. We do not disclose your information to third parties with the exception of our insurance companies if they so require.

By Using this site, you consent to our privacy policy

Consent is implicit by the use of our site.

Changes to our privacy policy

If we make changes to our privacy policy they will be updated here prior to their inception.

Our Liability

No Insurance Advice

We do not provide insurance advice as to which type of coverage to buy with the exception of recommending all risks coverage for every shipment to maximize insurance protection.

No Fiduciary Relationship

Use of our site does not constitute any fiduciary relationship. This is a self-help insurance website kiosk whereby we do not enter into a fiducariy relationship with you. Instead, we act as insurance intermediary between you and the underwriters. Failure to adhere to policy and coverage terms and conditions is solely the fault of the user. All information is provided for your review.

Limitation of Liability

Our liability is limited to the amount charged for your particular certificate or $500.00, whichever is less for any dispute arising from the operation of this website, whether a certificate was purchased or not.


By using our site you agree to hold us harmless and to waive any right of recovery against us directly as Cargocert.com or Online Underwriters, LLC (meaning claims against us as an intermediary for rendering professional services). You also agree to hold us harmless in the event of a claims outcome for which you are not completely satisified. We are an insurance intermediary and not an insurance company, thus you also agree to hold us harmless in the event you choose to challenge any claim outcome.


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