Frequently Asked Questions



1Why Choose

There are certainly a few sites out there claiming to be underwriters and direct without intermediaries so who can you trust?

The truth is that is the only direct brokerage owned by independent underwriters and claims adjusters authorized by Lloyd's, AIG, TT Club Mutual Insurance and AXA.

That means that 4 of the world's most respected and A rated insurers have bestowed us with their authority. It is rare for a company to be granted these powers by just a single company, let alone four!

There is simply nobody else in the same league and nobody able to legitimately make such a statement in this industry In fact, our leadership is comprised of attorneys, former transportation industry executives, and insurance professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience.

2Is the "Cheapest" because it comes direct from underwriters?

We are unlikely to be the "cheapest" despite the fact that you are buying direct from real underwriters without third parties or intermediaries. We do not claim to be a discount insurance provider because we have high ethical standards that would not permit us to be such.

Instead we believe in fair and honest pricing for real coverage, transparent claims handling practices and quality service. The phrase "You get what you pay for" is just as true in insurance as it is in other industries. If you seek out the cheapest cargo insurance you are bound to find out why it is so cheap when something goes wrong! It is as simple as that.

3Is there is a difference in price or coverage from insurer to insurer with

The short answer is NO!

All of our insurers have agreed to insure the same exact policy form, meaning that the policy language is identical with all insurers. Pricing is the same too. We provide you with a list of top carriers so that you can pick the company you feel most comfortable with.

4Is a licensed insurance broker?


We are licensed in several states but our principal location and the place where you technically purchase your coverage from us is New Jersey, USA, regardless of whether you are in Alaska, Alabama, or Antarctica!

About our Coverage:


What are our limits?

For instant online coverage without underwriter intervention or approval, the limits are as follows:

General Cargoes = $500,000

Personal Effects = $150,000

Electronic Goods = $100,000

Vehicles & Similar = $250,000

Heavy Equipment = $500,000

Breakable/Fragile = $50,000

Our general internal capacity is $100,000,000 ($100 Million) per vessel, aircraft, or truck although we can go higher with a few weeks notice.


How long do I have to make a claim?

It is important to make a claim as soon as possible. We do allow up to 12 months to file a claim, however if evidence has disappeared or gone missing due to delay in filing claims there is little we can do. You are obligated to file a claim as soon as practicable after learning of damage and are obligated to allow us to inspect the goods immediately. Please review our claims page for full details on how to file a claim and for typical timeframes.


Is coverage the same from insurer to insurer?

Yes, coverage is the same no matter which of our insurers you choose. All insurers follow our policy form, meaning that it is identical coverage. Rates are identical too.

We provide a variety of leading world class insurers for you to choose from for your comfort, you pick who you prefer to insure your cargo. As you can see, our backers are some of the who's who among global household names because we have created the highest calibre of coverage and claims service available to this business segment.


Who handles my claims?

We handle your claims in house

We have been authorized to adjust claims for all of our insurers and handle the claims for all business.

To file a claim please go to "claims" at the top of this or any page on our site and select "file a claim online" which will walk you through the process and provide a step by step guide to claims success.


Can I buy or get a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately not. We built this system to be a fully online program that determines the quote and issues the insurance. We can talk you through the steps or provide customer service, however the website itself transacts the insurance.

Think of online hotel, travel, and merchant sites. Like those sites the system has been designed to quote you, collect payment, and issue insurance automatically and our internal staff does not issue or quote insurance separately for your protection and for transparency purposes.


Are your coverage terms online?


Coverage is 100% transparent. You can go to our commodities & coverage page and view complete coverage terms from A-Z as well as any and all specific terms related to particular commodities. In addition, we provide claims guidance and typical outcomes to ordinary claims on our claims overview page so that you can understand how the claims process works and what to expect.

We encourage you to review things prior to buying so you can make an educated decision. An educated customer is a customer because we stand apart as the highest quality provider in our field.