Ocean Cargo Insurance

The Benefits of Ocean Cargo Insurance:

Full Value

It covers the full value of your goods and can include all freight and import costs instead of just $500 per container that the shipping line is responsible for.

No Fault

You do not have to worry about who is at fault, cargo insurance does not examine liability so it is a faster claim process that does not involve litigation or blame.

Door to Door

Coverage is usually door to door around the world, including in transit storage and inland trucking or rail carriage before and after the ocean voyage.

Coverage Options

You can choose a coverage that suits your needs, from All Risks to Broad Named Perils to Basic Catastrophic coverage. Thus, you decide your level of protection.

Without Ocean Cargo Insurance, what can you expect a carrier to pay you?

Did you know that the law limits what an ocean carrier has to pay for lost or damaged cargo? They do not have to pay you what your cargo is worth even if they lose the entire shipment, rather they only have to pay a small fraction to you. That is because no matter the value of your goods, "COGSA" and "Hague Visby" are laws that have been globally adopted to protect ocean carriers and keep freight rates down. That means that the carrier only has to pay $500 per container. Imagine, containers sometimes millions of dollars in goods, yet the carrier is responsible for just $500.

Sample losses and claim payments based on the REAL numbers

  • Loss of a pallet computers worth $10,0005%
  • Loss of a shipment of phones worth $50,0001%
  • Loss of 5 pallets of store merchandise worth $5,00010%
  • Loss of a pallet of store merchandise worth $1,00050%
Cargocert provides ocean insurance solutions for importers, exporters, manufacturers, commodities traders and freight forwarders. Annual worldwide ocean cargo losses have exceeded $2.4 billion each year from 2007 to 2014. Destruction can occur on account of rough handling, weather, improper loading or even atmospheric conditions. It is important that you purchase an ocean cargo insurance certificate for as per COGSA" and "Hague Visby" law even if an entire shipment is lost or damaged while shipping, the ocean carrier will only pay a fraction of the cost, a tremendous loss if your transit ran into millions of dollars.

So if you are buying or selling goods overseas, it's important to have the right marine insurance policy helping to protect your interests. There are numerous benefits to marine transit insurance. For one, the insurance will cover the full value of your goods and can include freight and import costs. Apart from this, cargo insurance does not examine liability, so it’s a faster claim process without blames or litigation.

At our online portal, you can buy your ocean freight insurance instantly using its tools to select your coverage and insurer. Fast, intuitive and friendly, your experience of an online cargo insurance purchase will be unforgettable. There are many advantages to purchasing transit insurance online. For one, you can access it 24/7 online. Apart from our portal being informative, the process for signing up is easy, and the methods of payment so much simpler than conventional methods. Most importantly, when you require customer service, it is available online instantly.

Cargocert allows you to choose a marine cargo insurance that suits your needs, from All Risks to Broad Named Perils to Basic Catastrophic coverage, deciding your level of protection. With our coverage in place all you need to do is ship, and let the ocean take over.